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Q. Is the school sold out?
A. Please check the individual school page ( PROGRAM page ) of the program you are interested in, if it is sold out it will be noted at the top of each location's information

Q. How much is the school?
A. This information is noted on each individual program page of this website

Q. I see you have ages listed for each school, my child is younger than the recommended age, can he/she still attend the higher level school?
We will make this determination based on an individual basis, but the recommended ages are there to help you make the right choice in program, so your child will get the most from it. Please email us to enquire - we will need to know: age, current level of play, current frequency of ice time.
NOTE: For the Fundamentals school, we will not accept students younger than 6, in any circumstance.

Q. Should I sign up for Essentials, Intensity Prep or High Intensity?
A. This is always a personal choice, but we encourage our students and their parents to make this decision for the right reasons and by being as honest with yourself as possible. Each PROGRAM page has a video description (top right) to help you make an informed decision. Do NOT sign up for the Intensity program because you think you might be above the Essentials program. Our Essentials program is more challenging than most other schools, so called 'Elite' offerings.

If you haven't been to a week long goalie (anywhere) school before, you should take the Essentials, regardless of your level of play. If you are prepared to work harder than you have ever worked before and be pushed to a level, both physically and mentally, beyond your comfort level, then sign up for the Intensity program.

Q. Can Girls/Women Attend?
A. We have always accepted females into all of our programs, but in the past few years we have seen a huge increase in the number of girls and women signing up for our programs. In recent years about 25 to 40% of our participant are female.

Q. Do you have professionals instructing?
A. Yes, each of our instructors is a professional coach/instructor.
We do not believe in bringing in a 'big name' for the sake of enticing kids to our school. We have in the past, brought in NHL goaltenders and it has proven to be a detriment to the overall school. We believe in quality instructing and many of our coaches are certified and trained professionals who have worked with elite athletes and are pro's themselves. Please visit our philosophy and instructors pages for complete information on this topic.

Q. Can I sign up online?
A. Yes this the fastest and best method. Just visit the individual school information pages or the Application/Terms & Policies pages and you will see a link to 'Online Signup'. Direct access is also available from our secure shopping cart area.

Q. We signed up for billeting, when will we be notified of the family's name and number?
A. This information will be provided 2 weeks prior to the school start date. We do not finalize any arrangements prior to this date.

Q. Can I billet with my friend?
A. While we try to accommodate all requests, it is impossible to guarantee this.

Q. Who are your billeting families?
A. Most are local families who billet for junior hockey on a regular basis, occasionally our own instructors also billet. All are 'checked out' and must adhere to a specific code of conduct to qualify as billets for our school.

Q. Can I sign up for one program and then switch (up or down) to another if I want?
A. This can be arranged, however our programs are usually sold out, so this may not be possible. There are also no refunds for any reason once a program has begun, even if moving 'down' to a lesser program.

Q. Do you offer prizes?
A. Yes, please see Prizes. We offer close thousands of dollars in annual prizes, these are awarded to deserving students who apply themselves during the school, they are NOT awarded based on ability but effort and attitude. Prizes are generously supplied by our sponsor: Vaughn.

Q. What are the times the school operates on?
A. Please check the individual program pages on this site, times are listed for every program.

Q. I want to come to the school, can you hold me a spot.
A. Unfortunately, we can only hold spaces with a deposit, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Q. Can you mail me some more information
A. There is more information on this site than could ever be mailed and we no longer produce a printed flyer, so if you are here, please check out the website thoroughly.

Q. Why don't you have many locations like some other schools and does this mean your school isn't as good?
A. We do not present a large number of schools because every one is operated by our trained staff who travel to each location. This ensures each and every school is properly administrated and the students are receiving only the professional instruction we will allow our name to be associated with. To assume a school is better than another simply by the number of locations is definitely incorrect. Most schools with large numbers of locations, simply franchise their name out to local people who operate the school, often with inexperienced instructors. In the past we have presented our programs in: Germany, Finland, Belgium, USA and of course Canada.

Q. Can you come to our town and do a school or clinic?
A. We'd love to put on a school in every area that would like to have us. However taking an entire school on the road is a complex undertaking. Please click HERE for information on how you can help us come to your location.

Q. Are you associated with any other school or company known as "Puckstoppers"?
A. Absolutely NOT! Please click HERE for information on how some unethical people are taking advantage of our name.


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