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Why Goalies Need proper Coaching

Goaltenders Need Experienced Coaches


Hockey in general and minor hockey more so, has one inherent problem. The general consensus is that current and former goalies automatically make good goalie coaches... WRONG!

Minor hockey associations are usually on very tight budgets, and in trying to get their goaltenders some form of coaching, they usually turn to a parent or local goalie that is kind enough to volunteer his/her time. While the thought is nice, what almost always results is inferior coaching whereby the goaltenders actually become worse. This is especially true the younger and more impressionable the goalie is.

Consider this. You are an English speaking person. Does this qualify you to be an English teacher? Absolutely not! What would happen if you were put onto a room of non English speaking people and told to teach them English? After an incredible amount of time you would have arrived at some form of crude communication. You also would have passed all of your poor grammar and use of slang language onto your "students".

Exactly the same thing happens when an unqualified person tries to teach goaltending. The goalie picks up improper techniques and all of the bad habits of the coach. Of course the trainer will pass along a few good points but almost always the bad far outweighs the good. This is magnified enormously when a coach that has never played goal tries to improvise his training methods.

Each year our company presents FREE "How To Coach Goaltenders" Seminars. At these seminars we see all levels of coaches right up to the Semi Pro level. Several coaches will attend who think coaching goalies is as easy as firing lots of pucks at them. "They have to get better the more rubber they see". Nothing could be farther from the truth. The more something is repeated the more it becomes entrenched into the brain. So if a goalie keeps doing something incorrectly the harder it becomes to correct.

The current certification for coaches contains virtually nothing in the way of basic goaltending skills. Puckstoppers has devised our own form of coaching certification program to give coaches a level of basic goaltending knowledge. We will gladly present this program FREE OF CHARGE for any group.

We have contacted C.A.H.A. to discuss having them utilizing our expertise by adding our existing program to theirs, at no cost! This proposal was met with virtually no interest. They continue to include literally a few minutes of goaltending discussion into their certification program, followed by a video that is so out dated that the demonstrations are done by a goalie in brown leather pads.

The next time your association or team decides to commit to providing some form of goaltending training, take this information into account. Do not select an unqualified goalie coach or put together a program with inferior coaching. All that will result are poor goalies with bad habits. Quality training breeds quality play.


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