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Puckstoppers was started back in 1988 by Chris Dyson was a goaltender who loved (and still loves) to play. Chris President and founder of Puckstoppers Goaltending Services London, was known around the leagues as a guy to call when a regular goaltender couldn't make it. He would seldom, if ever, refuse to play but often wondered if it was possible to charge for this service.

Chris' team went to a tournament in Montreal where he wasinjured so his team needed to find a goaltender in order to finish the tournament. They went to the tournament organizers who told the team that they could rent a goaltender from an agency at the tournament. When they returned home (as Tournament Champions), Chris saw the service as a viable opportunity and immediately started to form his own company for the purpose of providing goaltender rentals. Within 2 months, Puckstoppers was up and running.

Chris was well aware of the need for goaltender training and within a year had branched out and started Puckstoppers Goaltending Schools. The goaltending schools division of Puckstoppers has conducted schools in Europe, U.S A and Canada.

Within a year Chris decided to change careers and began work at one of the largest independent hockey shops in Canada. His job was to set up a goaltending department for this store and become the Head Goaltending Equipment Buyer. This was the perfect tie-in for Puckstoppers and he was able to meet with many top industry people and professional players. This networking opportunity has obviously been very beneficial.

In 1990, the need for local year round goaltending training became apparent and Puckstoppers opened a Year Round Goaltender Training Facility. This facility allowed one on one training with an instructor in a controlled environment with a puckshooting machine and plastic ice surface. Consistent and intense work has developed several high calibre young goaltenders over the years and helped countless young (and older) goalies to enjoy the game even more through the improved skills and technique taught at the Centre, which is still going strong and is turning out hundreds of happy students annually.

Over the years Chris has become known throughout the industry as a source of information. He has had articles published and been asked to speak to large groups as an expert on goaltending. He has also commentated on radio and television broadcasts of hockey games and done numerous media interviews on the subject.

Puckstoppers trains hundreds of goaltenders annually, from Tyke to Pro. It isn't unusual to see several goaltenders from other countries at the annual schools and Training Centre's private lessons.

Do your fellow goaltenders a favour and pass along our web address; they will surely appreciate it!



President's Welcome | Company Bio | Founders Bio | Media Coverage | Why Us