Puckstoppers - Imposters
Don't be Fooled by imposters!


To Our Valued Customers,

It has come to our attention that there is another Goaltending School operating under our legally registered name, Puckstoppers Goaltending Services.

Obviously this other ‘Puckstoppers’ are trying to capitalize on our solid name, goodwill and reputation in an attempt to give validity to their business. Even their logo is similar to our original version. We are determined to make the public aware of their defiance and illegal use of our name.

Puckstoppers has been a registered company since 1988 and we have operated our own Goaltending Schools in Canada, the United States and Europe since that same year. We contacted this other company, some years ago, in an effort to resolve this issue but they refuse to return our calls or messages.

We have sought legal council in the U.S. but because we are a Canadian based company, dealing with a legal issue in the United States can be a costly venture and one I have chosen not to engage in. We feel that by placing this warning on our website and making people aware of this other company and their practices, it will help the public understand that we are in no way affiliated with them.

Puckstoppers Goaltending Services, a Canadian based company. Please do not be fooled into supporting this ‘copy cat’ operation.

Please see our website for complete information on OUR school locations and upcoming events.



Chris Dyson
President – Puckstoppers Goaltending Services