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We offer a variety of Goaltending Services for teams and individuals are available in London and the surrounding area. Please contact us directly by email for additional information on these and any of our other services. We are happy to provide a customized program for your minor hockey organization or team.

There are of course, many goaltenders who will put on a clinic or offer to help out at no cost, so why should you pay? The answer is simple. Professional instruction is an art and takes years of experience and personal development on the trainers part. Goaltending instruction is no different than piano or karate instruction and most parents do not think twice about paying for these services.

Playing the game does NOT afford the ability to properly teach. Goaltending is a very technical position and it takes a finely tuned eye to be able to properly define the root cause of problems and evaluate a goaltender to properly offer constructive advice and instruction. Teaching is an art and takes expertise. Poor training will actually hinder development and impede a players progress.

Our instructors have all been through our certification program are available for the training options on this page. Give your kids the training they deserve, don't cheat them with poor training and pseudo goalie coaches.

We would be happy to provide a clinic for your minor hockey association for groups of 12 to 30 students. We'll bring out our best instructors to work with your association's goalies for a very minimal fee.

Cost is as low as $8.00 per student, per hour
One instructor for every 5 students
Puckshooting Machine available
Minimum time required 90 minutes, we suggest 2 hours, per session.
Multi session and custom programs available.
Professionally designed and conducted program.
Out of town clinics will incur travel costs @ .49 per km.
All ice time must be booked and paid for by your association.
Please contact us for complete information on this service.
Minor Hockey Associations Who Have Booked Clinics in Recent Years

Aylmer (annual program)
SSE Wild London (monthly program)
London Bandits
Ingersoll (annual program)
Mt. Brydges (annual program)
Washington, DC
West Lorne
Red Circle (London)
South London
Lambeth (annual program)
Woodstock (several program annually)
London Devilettes
West London
Oakridge (London)
South East Bruins
Many more



Our Head Instructors will attend your game and do a personal skills evaluation & assessment of every goal scored against, your style and overall play. You will also receive a detailed written report - up to 12 pages. Having a qualified and experienced instructor see a goaltender in actual game action is essential and extremely beneficial in helping develop a personal 'game plan' for any goaltender. Do not underestimate the importance of a personal game evaluation!

If you are not local, you may also consider sending us a game film for evaluation. We'll view the tape and compile the same detailed report on your play.

Cost is $50 per game evaluated (includes travel time to and from the rink)
Each appraisal includes a fully detailed personal evaluation on the game and all aspects of play, including an analysis of each goal scored against.
View sample evaluations (Click Here >> View 1 - View 2)
Out of town evaluations will incur travel costs @ .49 per km.





Team practice attendance must be cleared with Head Coach, prior to booking

One of our most experienced Instructors will attend your team practice and work with your goaltender, or if you prefer to book and pay for the ice, we can arrange for a personal on ice training session - however we suggest attending our Training Centre as a much more efficient and economical option.

We must be given access to one or both goalies for a minimum of 20 minutes each during the one hour practice. We also require one end of the rink (blue line in) be designated for our work and that this area be 'off limits' to the team for drills and skating during our goalie sessions. The remaining time we can observe and offer feedback to the goalies during team drills. This works best when the coach is directly involved by providing us his assessment of the goaltenders strengths and weaknesses, well in advance of each on ice session so we can prepare appropriate drills and instruction designed to work on each goalies individual skills and techniques.

Training is provided by Puckstoppers President, Chris Dyson or one of our most experienced and senior instructors.

We are very busy with our Year Round Goalie Training Centre which is booked weeks and often, months in advance. So we require that all on ice team practice sessions be pre booked as far ahead as possible, of course with the understanding that we need to fit your practices into our schedule.

Cost is $50 to $75 per hour


Simply the best and most intense training you'll find anywhere!
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Puckstoppers Founder and President will come to your location and attend ALL of your minor hockey association's practices for 3 to 5 days. Goaltenders are overlooked by all coaches at every level, particularly in minor hockey, where development and proper training are key to building a solid foundation. Bringing in a proven expert to develop good work and practice habits for your teams will help the entire association develop better goalies and teams.

Chris will come to your town and work directly with your coaches, goalies and parents to help define problems, build a better training program and improve the Associations overall goaltending skills. Chris will not take over on the ice, he will work with each teams coaches to help them understand what their goaltenders require to develop. This is accomplished by helping coaches understand what a goalies needs are, what they require to develop and how to define specific problems before they manifest into larger concerns.

Included in this program is a FREE coaches seminar designed to further help coaches understand their roles in goaltender development, mental requirements, physical needs and team involvement. This seminar will be based on the material in Chris Dyson's published book - Target Practice - 8 Ways To Ruin A Love Of The Game.

This service is invaluable to an organization and can cost only a few dollars per player, if built into registration costs. Fees for this program are negotiable and dependent on travel arrangements, availability and number of days required. Please contact us for further details.

Chris will work on ice with teams, goalies and coaches to help develop a solid training foundation.
Free 'How to Coach Goalies' Seminar is included
Don't continue to overlook the most valuable players on the ice, get them the training they deserve.


(Based on Material in the Published Book:
Target Practice, written by Puckstoppers President Chris Dyson and presented in our annual Goalie Trainer Certification Course

Designed to help coaches understand their roles in goaltender development, mental requirements, physical needs and team involvement, based on the material in Chris Dyson's published book - Target Practice - 8 Ways To Ruin A Love Of The Game.

Coaches will learn:

Seminar can be customized to your organizations needs and run from 2 hours to 2 days.
Cost is only a few dollars per coach and dependent on travel arrangements, availability and number of days required.

Seminar can be designed for coaches only or to accommodate both coaches and parents.
Audience size is unlimited and can be as small as 6

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and wants.