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Dear Parent and Potential High Intensity Student,

The caution with the High Intensity program is that its physically demanding and emotionally challenging, by design.

Students will be pushed past their comfort zone and sometimes past their breaking point. This is intentional as it fosters development of their physiological toughness, THIS ISN'T taught at other goalie schools and although many schools profess to teach mental toughness, this kind of training can't be done in a classroom or seminar. It MUST be done in a real life situation that is relevant to the game they'll be playing.

The key requirement of this program, that only you and he/she can answer is;
Is the student mentally ready to go that far, is he/she willing to come into this camp knowing that it will likely be the toughest challenge he/she has ever faced and that he/she WILL be frustrated and that the student WILL not enjoy some parts of the program, but he/she WILL come away knowing he/she has achieved and found a new level.

Knowing that once you have pushed yourself to that new place, you cannot go back - so the student will have a newfound level of mental toughness and physical stamina that will allow them to succeed in much more difficult game situations and excel under pressure.

A couple of days after completion of this program, the student will be elated at having completed the week and understand that this accomplishment is very important to their development and this is accompanied by a huge confidence boost.

The student will also be thrilled to realize what they have accomplished and how much he/she will have learned about themselves and the requirements of being a serious goaltender. When they get into a very emotionally charged and difficult game or one with a heavy workload, they will really be a step above a goalie who has not been through this process.

ONLY THEN will it be truly obvious what they have accomplished. Difficult emotional situations and physically demanding games will seem so much easier to deal with than before attending the High Intensity school.

Kids respond differently to this program and each one is at a different level of maturity, so I always suggest that parents and potential students discuss this in depth before making the decision to attend this program.

The alternative is the Intensity Prep program - as you'd expect, 'prep' in this case means we don't quite take them to the same place, but prepare them to be there the following year.

Only you can know what is right, so please don't be shy if you need more info or have more questions, ask away.

Hope this helps.


Chris Dyson