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The comments below are all ACTUAL excerpts or complete emails or letters we have received from students, parents and coaches:


From the mother of a long time Intensity student - Brian was drafted today by the Saganaw Spirit of the OHL, Thank You, without your help it wouldn't have been possible.

From a teenaged student who had never been on a team before our camp! - I got a letter from the assistant GM of the Chatham Maroons Jr. B hockey team inviting me to their training camp this May, I'm very excited and you were the first person I thought to tell (besides my mom of course). They said in the letter that their scouting staff had been watching me (most likely since my high school team practised in their arena) I will try my absoloute best when the training camp comes around, and I'll let you know what happens.

From the mother of a long time Training Centre and first time Essentials student - Chris, I don't know what you have done with Allie but keep it up! She played 6 games this weekend at a tournament. 3 shutouts and 4 goals against. She was on fire! Thanks again

From the mother of a first time Training Centre student - Hi Chris,You have a great product and a gift for teaching.

From the mother of a long time Training Centre student - Hi Chris, Connor and his team are doing very well and have advanced to the semi-finals for OMHA. We have a short break waiting for the other series to finish, so I thought it was a good time to get some skills re-inforced. Connor has improved so much with your guidance..... job well done. Thanks so much,
Kindly, Sue

From the mother of a long time returning Intensity student - Hello from Pennsylvania!! We saw your article in the Hockey News issue and we thought we would update you on Brian and his season. Brian is playing for the Junior A New Jersey Rockets and doing well. USHL did an interview with him!.. Also the USHL will be ranking him this week sometime - word is he should
be ranked very high. A lot of colleges and USHL teams are looking very hard at him.

We miss not coming to your camp. When we watch Billy Sauer Brian always remembers seeing him and how much he admired him when he was at your camp
Martha, Mark and Brian

From a long time adult student, turned instructor - Chris, I have an article on Transfer of Learning and the NHL's guitar-playing goalie phenomenon coming out in the next issue of The Goalie's News. It's based on the article I wrote for the Puckstoppers Newsletter four years ago. It looks like it's broadening into a larger research project I'm doing through the University of SC with sports psychologist Dr Eva Monsma. I think we will be working with Sean Burke, Henrik Lundquist, Ryan Miller, Robert Esche, and some others. I already have these guys' cell phone numbers.

From the father of a long time student - Competing with 15 other teams, Steven won top goalie award in the shootout contest - give yourself a pat on the back! He was wearing his Puckstoppers T shirt around the arena.

From the father of a returning student - Hi Chris! Having a really good season. In the last three tournaments, his team made it to the finals. In each final game that Evan played he received the MVP. Something seems to have "clicked" with him this season. We will be transferring back to the area in Marc. We hope to be getting him back to Puckstoppers for some one-on-one training.

From a long time adult student, turned instructor - Dys, Just got back from Inferno practice (ECHL). I called up for the weekend. Man, this is a testament to your coaching - way to go!

I just got my 4th callup of the season to the ECHL. This time backing up the Augusta Lynx against the Florida Everblades. Thanks for all of your great help.

From the father of a returning student Hi Chris! Evan was successful in the Atom AA tryouts. He is very excited about the season and his coach was very impressed with the improvement in his technique over the summer as a result of the Essentials and Personal Guru Program. Thanks again for the great program you offer!
From a first time teenaged student who had never even had goal equipment on before our camp! - Hey Chris, thought I'd update you on what's going on with tryouts.Yesterday was our first pre-season game and we lost 6-1 (but only 1 on me). We have 3 goalies so we got one period each. The second period was my turn....7 minutes left and here is a guy in front screening me, I used my Puckstoppers skills to look past him and stop the shot. Long story short - my own teammate ends up creaming me and I'm down on my hands and knees trying to breath. The trainer asks me if I want to get off the ice but I decide to finish the period. I continued to hold onto my one-period shutout until almost the end of the period ... 40 seconds left on their powerplay, a slapshot, and a save by me. The rebound goes in, the period ends and it's the third goalie turn to play. I'm pretty sure I got bruised ribs or something, all I know is my chest hasn't stopped hurting since and I might go see a doctor. .Andy

From the mother of a first time student - Dear Chris; I have to tell you that Paul really excelled at your camp. Being that he is a senior in high school, starting last year with essentially no experience, except being a goalie for roller hockey (which I am not sure counts). His coaches are thrilled with his improvement. Last year he got 10 minutes in all year. This year, they are planning on playing him probably 8-10 games out of 30. So, thanks for all your hard work in putting together the camp. Ruth
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From the father of a long time Training Centre student - Hi Chris, Thanks for the help today. Mark's team played Cambridge and he played well winning 3-1 on an empty net goal. Mark got a round of applause in the dressing room and that applause belongs to you as well. Interestingly, I reminded Mark of last years team where the other goalie got praised a number of times and he never had one game where he had an appreciation. It choked him up a little. In any event one does not look for praise as all that counts is a tie or a win. I believe the preparation he had with you was key and again thank you.

From the father of a returning High Intensity student - Hi Chris, AJ and I would like to thank you for putting on another successful Intensity camp and enjoyable dinner at the Huron House.

From the mother of a long time returning Intensity student - Dear Chris: It is without a doubt a regret that Brian will not be able to attend the Puckstoppers Camp in August.

Brian has made a Junior B team and the cost and the extras even before the season starts is way too costly. So we have to cut back on a lot and this sadly is one of them. You know we have loved and looked forward to Puckstoppers every year and Brian has learned so much from all of you.

Brian has gotten a very solid foundation of goaltending and he is complimented wherever he goes and we brag that the basics and the training he gets from Puckstoppers is why plays the way he does. Brian has determination and heart for his position - just like you do for your students every year. Maybe Brian in the next few years will go far - and if he does you should be proud of him because he loved being a Puckstoppers student.

Again this was a tough decision for all of us. We will miss it dearly. I hope you have great and successful camp in August - I HAVE NO DOUBT!!!!!

From a first year adult Essentials student - Hey Chris! I was ready to hang up the skates, thinking these 45 year old knees just weren't going to carry me much longer. Now, I've buckled down. I got so much out of last year's Puckstopper's camp, I decided to give it another try. Then, I figured, I'd better get with a trainer and get strong enough to skate with the kids at camp this summer. So, the knees are already feeling stronger with exercise.

From a long time returning Intensity & Training Centre students father - Chris, I just received word that Matt was accepted to Culver Academy!! I truly believe that Matthew's play and love of the game has a ton to do with you. He loves to work hard for you, he believes in you and he reviews your evaluations a lot. If he is not playing his best he will read it. He knows what he needs to work on but it helps him to review it.

Culver has been written up by a Denver Newspaper as being one of the top five prep / high schools In US to play hockey. It was also mentioned on TV during the World Jr's tournament. The fact that you have two goalies out of the 7 on the three teams there says something about Puckstoppers too!

From the mother of a first time student - My son Sean loved your camp. He will definitely be back next year. We will enrol him in the Intensity next year. The Essentials program was good. It was our first year, so we were not sure what to expect. Sean picked up a lot of good tips from your instructors. I feel that the different stations were great. When kids have 8 different stations with 20 minutes at each, their attention span seems to stay better focused. If you had less stations with more time at each, I think they would grow bored. They worked on several different parts of their goaltending skills which keeps their interest up.

As I said, we liked the camp, but more importantly Sean felt he learned from attending the camp. He thought it was the absolute best goalie camp he has ever attended. I will definitely put a link in our website. (It can't hurt)

From the parents of a first time student - Chris, We just wanted to thank you and your team of instructors for a great week for Justin. He really did enjoy the whole week. We asked him what he liked the best and the least and he liked all but the stretching. In the next breath though he was telling us how he needed to stretch on Saturday morning when he got up. So he couldn't have minded it too much. As we watched Justin through the week we were impressed by the instructors making sure the goalies knew exactly what they were doing wrong as well as right. Justin has done a few other hockey schools but by far this was the best he has attended. In the past he has had younger instructors not correcting him or keeping him busy. When Justin spends 15 minutes shuffling, twirling, jumping, etc. and then turns up to the stands and gives us a big smile we knew this was the camp for him. We know that you know Justin's personality and he can go either way some times, we have to give you all credit for keeping him smiling. Thanks again for all your hard work, it was well worth the 5:15 mornings.Brent and Theresa

From a first time student - by keeping your standards as high as they are, you'll continue to attract quality students.

...And a word from his dad - As a parent, I thought it was well worth it. I was impressed on how well the students responded to the instructors on and off the ice.

From the father of a long time returning Intensity student - It was great as usual, I have been recommending you guys for years now. CJ went to Elkins but you guys are still the best

From an Intensity student - To all Puckstoppers Goaltending Instructors (Coaches), I would like to send my appreciation to Puckstoppers Goaltending School and its instructors. On Saturday the sixth of November I was able to stop 60 out of 64 shots and I would like to dedicate my performance to you all at Puckstoppers. I was able to use many of the concepts and moves that the instructors had taught me, with my travel B team, playing against the number one A team in the area.

I feel since going to your school that my game performance has increased by 98%. If it were not for your school and instructors pushing for the best I do not feel I would be as good as I am today. Many of the parents of the A team after the game had said that I was quite possibly the best goalie in the area. At my home rink I was also accepted to play senior "A", but I decided to play adult B to make sure I was still having fun, and it has proven to be great experience for my game. I feel that your school is the best and most challenging around, and I plan to come this summer again.

Thank you all for your help and high expectations, Special thanks to, Hodge, for having me in his house, helping me when I couldn't quite get a move right, and for believing in me when I felt I was not doing well. Coach Yona, for teaching me the correct way to do the pad stack to my blocker side (made a huge save on my Saturday game) and how to recover correctly from it. Coach Henrikson, for being my group instructor, and for teaching me desperation saves, (again goes along with the Saturday game). Coach Bricker (a.k.a. teeth), for teaching me the correct butterfly moves and the correct half butterfly moves. (Saturday game) Coach's Dyson, Ropponen, and Craig, for always having and insightful and helpful word when needed.



We certainly try our best to please everyone, but that isn't always possible. We are never afraid to learn from our experiences and encourage feedback; this is what makes us better.

We aren't afraid or ashamed to show that all the notes and letters we receive aren't complimentary. However after coaching literally thousands of goaltenders since 1988, we have come to the realization that most dissatisfaction stems from an unrealistic expectation.

In the case of this parent, he was sure his 10 year old son was able to stop NHL shooters only a year before coming to our camp. Yet, after our camp he was sure he wasn't as good as a year previous.

From the parent of an 11 year old enrolled in an Advanced program - My son just completed your advanced program and I must say we are both disappointed. First, I will admit I only watched the Monday and Friday sessions.
NOTE: Monday is the day when the least 'appears' to be happening because this is the day we spend most time analyzing and teaching the student, as well as and least time actually drilling (shooting). This father watched a slow paced, teaching day, from the stands this can look like nothing is happening, but in reality this is the key to building a foundation for the rest of the school. Friday at this program was a skills competition, where his son was involved in every event, but again from the stands, this can be deceiving.

The bottom line is Matthew feels he received very little instruction during the program and does not at all think he feels like a better goaltender. In each of the other camps he came out fired up ready to go and show off his new skills. After Puckstoppers, he fears he is not going to make his old team if the other goalies improved.
NOTE: It is unfortunate that we agree that his son did not come away from this week with much improvement. His father had enrolled his son in a program that was far above his capability and the boy was genuinely scared because he was clearly in a situation he could not handle, mentally pr physically.

Although we tried very hard to keep his son motivated and interested, he clearly didn't want to be there and intentionally missed his turn in the net or only gave it a half hearted effort. While we do everything possible to help our students, there is not much we can do when a student does not want to be there and is forced to stay.

I concur with his opinion. I was very disappointed in what I saw in the final 2 sessions on Friday and I have since watched the video I took and it looks bad. I know some is because he is 11yrs. old and he had much older kids going full speed at him, but last year (at another school) was advanced to a group with all Bantams and Midgets and he had all Midget AAA and even 2 NHL shooters going full speed and he looked great. I realize he is not going to stop all the shots but there is a difference between getting beat by a more advance player and the goalie looking like he knows what he is doing and getting beat because the goalie is just "swimming" out there.
NOTE: How can anyone really believe an 10 year old is capable of 'looking good' against NHL players or even players 4 or 5 years older? Obviously this is a case of unreal expectations. The program this student had taken was designed to mentally push students to their breaking point because, the reality is, goaltending is a very tough job and the tougher the goalie, the better their chances of success. This father believed that at 10 (a year before) his son was capable of looking good against NHL players, the truth is likely that the previous school he had attended, was not designed as a truly high level program where all aspects of the goalie are tested and the shooters had been instructed to 'make the goalie feel good'.

An important part of any program is that the shooters understand that they have a job to do and that sometimes this job is to 'make the goalie feel good' and/or build their confidence, but to do this for an entire program would be a lie and give the student a false sense of their ability. Our shooters are told to do both 'score' and build confidence, the student's mental ability, fragility and the situation dictate which method is used at any given time.

Unfortunately, this students father only attended the first day, where we are doing an honest evaluation of the students abilities, where we have to see what they are capable of. And on the last day when the students are at the point of 'putting it all together' and utilizing all the skills and knowledge in game type situations and a skills competition. Both situations are clearly tests of their ability and what they have learned. Participating at a half interested level all week, clearly shows up at this point......